Navigating Faith As a 20-Something Christian

Navigating faith and religion in your twenties can be tricky and confusing because you are still trying to figure out who you are, what you believe in, what direction you want your life to go in, and you are bombarded with mixed messages from family and friends about what the right path to follow is.

But what if none of the paths you've been directed to speak to you?

What if you've gone to different churches and have yet to experience God like so many others who directed you to those churches?

That was my biggest struggle for the longest as I looked for a deeper relationship and connection to God, and kept feeling like it wasn't something that I could be guided to, but had to figure out for myself.

I was raised as a Catholic and growing up, I never really enjoyed going to church because it always felt like something we did out of obligation and not because it was helping any of us grow closer to God. There were many times when I would be sleepy and look over to my brothers and catch them dozing off as well and I couldn't understand why we kept coming back if we got nothing out of it. I voiced my reluctance to my parents who simply responded with, "We go to church because we have to, because it's the right thing to do."

That wasn't the answer I was looking for because it didn't feel like the right thing to do for me. As I got older, I became more and more vocal about not wanting to go to church because it did nothing for me. It felt like a waste of time, and I knew that I wanted to feel something different from going to church. I wanted to feel fueled by the Word preached that day, I wanted to leave church feeling stronger than when I came in, I wanted to feel closer to God, and I didn't feel any of that from going to my family's church. Over the years, I've gone to various churches and I knew the feeling I was seeking from church existed because I felt it in some of those churches.

It wasn't until I moved on my own to Florida that I felt free enough to "shop" for a church that felt aligned with my beliefs. In my experience, I've seen churches merge faith and culture and preach it as one, I've seen churches have practices that are not backed up by the Word, and I've heard of churches that appear good at first but turn out to be cults. So when looking for my church, I was very cautious to find an organization that preached the Word of God, had practices that were aligned with the Word of God, and made me feel closer to God. It wasn't easy but I think I've finally found my church.

I started this blog not to be all preachy to my fellow 20-somethings but to share with you my journey as I navigate faith and religion. I've learned on my journey to getting closer to God that the more we talk about it and share and fellowship with one another, the easier it is to get the answers to our questions and navigate our faith. We are a very inquisitive bunch and I hope this can be a space where we openly share with one another, and grow in our faiths together.

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