• Kemi Kodja

Living in the Tension

This blessed my soul and I had to share!

Some of my key takeaways were:

  • Just like Jesus in the story mentioned where they brought him a adulterous woman and asked him to judge her, we have to remember not to be quick to react to provocations. We have to be slow to respond when provoked.

  • This made me realize that I have to work on my emotional self control and not be so quick to react when I'm being provoked by the world.

  • You can't embody grace without also embodying truth and vice versa. It's not 50/50 but 100/100.

  • This made me realize that in this conversation, I tend to lean more to the grace side and I have to learn to embody both grace and truth.

  • Be slow to speak, slow to anger.

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