• Kemi Kodja

Chasing Contentment

Verses mentioned:

  • Philippians 4:6

  • Philippians 4:8

  • Philippians 4:9

  • Psalm 139


  • It's not about being content with your season, it's about learning to be content in your season.

  • It doesn't change how you feel so you're still allowed to feel all the feels that come with whatever you're going through.

  • The secret to contentment is in Philippians 4:9

  • Stop chasing contentment, practice it.

Practice the petition

  • It doesn't matter how many good things God does in our life, for some reason we think his disposition to us is "no"

  • Even though He's said yes and come through before.

  • Sometimes you can misidentify idols and let your guilt about what you want being an idol stop you from making the petition.

  • We misidentify contentment as believing for a "no" so we're not disappointed if we don't get a yes.

  • This lowers our expectations, our faith, and our belief.

  • This is not contentment, this is settling.

  • God wants us to ask - verse 6 includes "by prayer and petition" - hence practice the petition.

  • Petition means to make or present a formal request to an authority with respect to a particular cause.

  • Don't hide your desires from God.

  • Don't suppress your desires either because he knows what you desire.

Practice the pivot.

  • Shift your focus on your whatever [focus on the whatevers in Philippians 4:8]

  • Your contentment is the whatevers in Philippians 4:8

  • Worship time, sermon time, prayer time, Bible Study time are all a part of contentment practice because during those times, your focus is on the right thing.

  • So the more you create these, the more contentment practice you're getting in.

Practice the present

  • Being present in the moment - How can you be more present and appreciate your current season?

  • Contentment is never in the next season if we can't cultivate it in the current one.

  • Even when I don't feel peace, the God of peace is with me.

  • Repeat this daily: God you're good and you're with me!

Day-Day Life Application:

  • Stop chasing contentment but instead practice it through listening to worship songs, watching/listening to sermons, praying and spending intimate time with God, and by studying the Bible.

  • Stop equating contentment to complacency.

  • Share your desires with God and don't be so focused on preparing for the no so you're not disappointed if it doesn't happen that you forget that He's come through in your life before and He will come again. He wants you to ask - verse 6 includes petition.

  • Focus on the whatevers in Philippians 4:8

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