Digital Marketing

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I help Christian Entrepreneurs use digital marketing to grow their business without compromising their values.

The key to using digital marketing to grow your business is to create and implement systems that help you get in front of your ideal clients daily and give them the opportunity to get to know, like and trust your business. 

Ready for DM inquiries like these?

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  • Are you struggling to get seen by your ideal client on Instagram?

  • Can't figure out what type of content to post?

  • Burned out by the online marketing process?

  • Struggling to use Instagram to grow your business?

Then the 1-hour Strategy Session is for you. This session is designed to meet you where you are right now and help you tackle the specific issue you're facing when it comes to using Instagram to grow your business.


Are you a Christian Entrepreneur who wants to learn how to use Instagram to grow your business:

  • without compromising your values

  • without burn-out and

  • with Scripture-centered teachings

Then the Highly Favored Boss Academy is for you. Join the Academy to get access to digital marketing courses all created to help you start and grow your Kingdom business.